Blue Flower


Eucatex is among the most well-known paint producers around the world. It currently stands as the seventh largest paint producer in Brazil after Suvinil, Coral, Sherwin-Williams, Renner, Lukscolor and Akzo. According to a market analysis, Eucatex holds a market share of three percent but has plans to increase it to five percent of the total paint and coatings market. The only majority domestically owned companies among these are Renner and Eucatex. Eucatex manufactures an entire line of architectural coatings such as varnishes, enamels, acrylics, stucco coatings, finishes and other wood. To cater for domestic furniture and construction market, the company produces doors, modular partitions, and flooring.

Eucatex is composed of various segments that produce a variety of its product line. For instance, told that Eucafloor manufacturers the company’s laminate flooring and comprises of 5 distinct lines: Classic, Rustic, Prime, Evidence, and Elegance. Eucatex produces doors that incorporate the lines Base Painting, formidur BP, Eucaplac, and Eucadur. It also offers a vast range of paints through its Eucatex lines Premium and Peg & Paint. The furniture industry in Eucatex prides itself on having one of the notable suppliers of wood fiber plates, MDP, and Tamburato. These products are manufactured using the latest technology and an upgraded progressive system.

Since its inception on November 23, 1951, Eucatex has thrived to produce high-quality products while being keen in maintaining and sustaining the environment. Over the years, the company has been acknowledged for its bold move to being the first company in Brazil to use eucalyptus as a raw material in the production of panels and ceiling tiles. Eucatex is now credited as a market pioneer and a primary manufacturer of paints, varnishes, and furniture products in Brazil as well as the world. It started small but has grown large with more than 2,201 employees and exports to 37 countries. The company has four state-of-the-art facilities in Botucatu and Salto. All these never came on a silver platter but rather the hard work and tenacity of Eucatex’s president, Flavio Maluf. He has overseen the operations of Eucatex for almost 18 years, and his reign has brought enormous advancements to the company.

  Under Mr. Maluf,the company now has disclosed major plans of establishing a new thin high-density and medium-density hardboard facility at Salto that is valued at R$130 million. This marks a strategic acquisition for the company apart from its other facilities that have a high processing capacity. The company has a processing capacity 20 tons / quarter and by 2009, a volume of 109,000 t had been processed.

Eucatex has 44 hectares of eucalyptus plantation in São Paulo that maintains its furniture industry, and it invites partners to be part of them. The company encourages rural owners to partner with them in endeavors to expand its eucalyptus plantation through the Forestry Partnership and Leasing Project.