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Jason Hope: Making a Difference in Business & PhilanthropyJason Hope of ArizonaBorn and raised in Tempe, Arizona, Jason Hope studied and achieved a degree at Arizona State University in finance. He also earned a MBA degree at Arizona State University in the W.P. Carey School of Business. After completing his studies, he quickly built a repertoire internationally in business success. He is now a well known expert relative to all business matters. He is also sought out by many as an advisor, and he is a futurist, investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He remains faithful to his home state, thus residing in Scottsdale, Arizona. This is where he stay on track with his many businesses and projects.


His Philanthropic Interests


Hope spends valuable time and money for various philanthropic causes. He supports scientific research which thrives on innovative technologies. He also has a committed interest in politics when it comes to business within the state of Arizona and nationally.


He also invests in research that fights against aging. He recently attended an event for main issues of SENS that provided a platform consisting of key players and experts attending panels for topics, such as molecular and cellular damage as the cause of aging diseases, advancing regenerative therapies in Parkinson's disease and cancer, discussion on preventative and combination of strategies, and building an industry of rejuvenation biotechnology. SENS stands for Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence. This is a nonprofit organization built on the support of scientists, researchers, and private individuals.


Jason Hope is one of SENS's biggest contributors who made several donations of significant amounts. He also been actively participating in their research efforts. He donated $500,000 to this foundation in 2010k for example. This gift made it possible for the organization to equip and build their Cambridge laboratory and to implement a new research program that aims in breaking down advanced Glycation end products that involve human tissue.


Jason Hope says he is really passionate about supporting this agency and its goals because foundations like them take a different approach in fighting against aging. He also stated that this agency focused on finding cures for diseases that breaks the body down, thus causing premature aging. Lung disease and Alzheimer's, for example, are diseases that affect all bodily functions. He further stated that traditional medicine seeks to treat diseases after they occur, but their focus is to stop these diseases from ever occurring.


  Michael Zomber is a historian who loves to write both fictional and non-fictional works of famous battles and wars, and also is a collector of different weapons from medieval periods to modern times. Despite his interest in weapons, Zomber is active in non-profit global peace organizations and is a member of Doctors Without Borders. Zomber has both a bachelor's and a master's degree in English Literature from UCLA, and he has traveled the world to dig up the mysteries of old civilizations. He was featured on History Channel's Tales Of The Gun series, a 34-episode that chronicles the history of pistols, rifles and machine guns.

Zomber's work has not only been shaped by his travels and studies, but also through personal experiences that while hard, have inspired him to write even more and inspire others. Back a number of years ago, he was wrongfully accused of a crime he didn't commit and sentenced to prison, a difficult time he had to get through for two years. But he never lost heart and while he was there, he worked in the library and took other inmates under his wing to help them get further education and be productive during their sentence, a role similar to that of Andy Dufresne, the character of the Shawshank Redemption film.

Zomber's most famous novel penned during that time was Shogun Iemitsu, a fictional book following the lives of 2 young samurai warriors who had to fight to protect their own honor at a time when the justice system in Japan was working against them. The samurai period is one of Zomber's biggest interests as he's collected multiple weapons belonging from that era, and has written books about the conflict between Christianity and the religion of the samurai. Zomber has also written books about the Civil War such as Son of Kentucky and Sweet Betsy That’s Me. His independent film company has produced action films like La Cucaracha, and documentaries like Deep Sea Diving.

“Put your money where your mouth is”, something whom every investor that claim to be the best financial advisor for you, should do. The financial world is full of sharks that claim to have all the answers to your financial woes. Not to discredit all professionals, however, as a client it is important for you to do your due diligence in selecting a suitable candidate to handle your business. Your final selection should include an individual with a proven and successful financial management history.

There is one major professional in the business that has been thriving for years, amid many other talented advisors. Brad Reifler is a New York businessman whom has made his mark and sealed his legacy in the financial world. His career in financial assistance has proven Reifler to be a great entrepreneur, partner and philanthropist. Reifler graduated from Bowdoin College, with a degree in Economics and Political Science. Shortly afterwards, he found Reifler Trading Corporation, his first company. Reifler managed to find and capitalize on niche in global derivatives, in which the company specialized. He built a business so successful, that Refco ended up purchasing Reifler’s first company.

Reifler was definitely on the way up, with no plans of slowing down. Next, he found Pali Capital where he served 13 years as Chairman and CEO. This is where Reifler peaked in his career, leading the company to and astounding 200 million dollars in profits, within the United States, United Kingdom and Australia offices. Since May of 2009, he has been serving as the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital Markets Management.

Reifler is not just a big time business owner and advisor to largr companies. Reifler understands that the financial wellness of everyday working individuals and families, are just as important for the economy. He stresses the importance of investing and has made public appearances speaking about what the middle and lower class can do to secure their future. Reifler’s hard work, vision and experience are the reason for his continued success. He believes in the financial wellness of all classes and has a long resume of success that proves that he wants the best for his clients.

We've all seen "Orange is the New Black", Hollywood's version of what prison is like and how inmates are treated. The unethical treatment of inmates by correction officers is something that needs to be monitored. Securus is a company that does just that. It monitors the company that monitors in the inmates. That company is Global Tel Link. While they are not corrections officers company, they do play a large part in the inmates lives. They are their communications provider. Securus found that in 1998 Global Tel Link was adding time to the calls, over charging the calls and even double charging the calls. While I was under the impression that it was the inmates or their families responsibility to pay for the calls, the article goes on to state that it was taxpayers who had to pay for these calls. Whether Global Tel Link realized they were overcharging or whether it was a glitch in their technology, the article does not say. Either way, the fact that it was first brought to their attention in 1998 and still continues to this day, means that Global Tel Link may not be all to concerned with their wrongdoings.

You can find out more about Securus at the following links:



Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on

As James Brown soulfully said, “It’s a man’s world.” That was the 20th-century belief that kept women in low-level corporate positions for years. Corporate men were the breadwinners and women were designed to stay at home or work for peanuts even though many women have better educational backgrounds and much sharper minds when it comes to making money the right way. Men in Corporate America play dirty and stretch the rules in order to climb the corporate ladder, but San Francisco-based Helane Morrison is out to show the world what women in business can really do.

Helane started her business career as a journalist after graduating from Northwestern. Morrison liked reporting, but she found some unethical behavior that had to stop. Helane decided to get a law degree from the University of California at Berkeley. Morrison managed to land a job as the regional director of the San Francisco branch of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Morrison managed five states for the SEC, and she learned a great deal about the underhanded practices that corporations use to enhance their bottom lines.

When Morrison became a partner with the San Francisco law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, she worked on cases that involved compliance violations and white collar crimes. Helane decided that she wanted to use her education. When she was offered the job of Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for the California investment firm Hall Capital Partners LLC she jumped at the chance. Morrison reached a level in the financial world that few women ever reach. Morrison is doing everything in her power to break the glass ceiling constructed by the corporate men’s club.

Helane Morrison is a motivation speaker as well. She travels around the country talking about executive positions for women. The truth is finally out. Women make dynamic corporate leaders that play by the rules. In her speeches, Morrison talks about government regulations and the loopholes that need closing, but she also mentions the women that have endured the prejudice and pain in Corporate America and risen to the top.

The Corporate boys club is still operating across America. Women are being denied executive positions out of fear and complacency, according to Morrison. Helane is changing the image of corporate women, and it’s working. Even though only 14.2 percent of corporate CEOs are women, Morrison believes the tide is turning toward women.