Blue Flower

Ricardo Tosto is regarded as one of the prominent strategists and greatest of entrepreneurs as far as the practice of Brazilian law is concerned. His roots can be traced from his days in a small law office and how he navigated his way up the ladder to become one of the owners of the largest firms in the whole of Brazil. He went through some corporate litigation law firms that were among the most experienced before finally getting to establish his own law firms. Over the many years of his illustrious career as a lawyer, Ricardo has managed to plan and work on defending many public companies as well as personalities in cases that were well known nationally. He has over the span of his career offered legal services to big Brazilian Corporations, politicians of different ideologies and ideological views, multinationals as well as offering pro-bono services to NGOs.

He is a lawyer who perfectly understands his professional boundaries as he has experienced on many occasions, situations that can be described as tense and stressful in the course of defending his clients. His firm has a special and significant place that is reserved for litigation practice and he often incites his litigation team to find joy in “the good combat” as he usually refers it to. Mr. Tosto has contributed significantly to the realization and creation of Brazil economic laws that are relevant. He is also credited with being among the pioneers who adopted some legal mechanisms which ended up being tools that are now commonly used. He is also the voice that leads Leite, Tosto e Barros firm that is acknowledged for its objectiveness and promptness. He is also regarded highly by a majority of his current partners for having guided them from way back when they were interns at the firm. He oversees ongoing causes that are regarded as most important among the ones being taken care of by his firm by elaborating working strategies. He always demands for results and is always ready to pave a way in the presence or wake of any doubts. He is always there to offer the requisite specific leadership in the wake of any special problem as well as developing innovative strategies for his law firms.