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In the world of marketing, a business needs to know about the proper way to achieving good advertising. For Ashley Madison, they have done great work for attaining true success with their brand. However, the company didn't so well with protecting their users. Hackers online took the private information of the Ashley Madison website, and they released all the names of the women and men who have used the site. The weird part about the site is how countless people who have joined the site many years ago and cancelled their subscriptions don't have their information entirely removed. In other words, users from two or three years ago who cancelled their membership still had their info leaked during the hack.

Ashley Madison had to deal with immense pressure online and throughout the world when this hack took place. It ruined their reputation and put them at a disadvantage to their members and users. The people who had their information shared are all struggling at the moment with fear because everyone knows about their online affairs. 

Status Labs is a company that has made it their duty to help brands like Ashley Madison in the horrible moments they are in at the moment. The brand is not being looked at as an online site for hooking up. The site is looked at badly now than it ever was because nobody will trust their business since everybody knows they can be hacked in an instant. Status Labs helps business owners, establishments, and celebrities facing really bad online reputations with repair for their company. They follow a nice little strategy for helping anybody with a bad brand reputation at the moment to beating out the disrespect and gaining back their success.

Status Labs is a unique brand with a strong understanding of the process. They know all about the world of bad reviews. Bad reviews can come from any website online allowing people to speak their mind about a business. TripAdvisor, Yelp, RipOff, and Scam are just a few of the sites that allow for people to complain about people and establishments. Status Labs, however, can help solve the situation for the better and help the business.