Blue Flower

Flipora is the newest game changer to enter the mobile phone app arena. If you're looking for a simplistic description, then it's easy to say that Flipora monitors your searches and other web activity. For some, this may sound like big brother has finally infiltrated our mobile phones except that's quite the contrary! It monitors searcher's activity only to show them other content that might interest them. It's not used to monitor their location or anything paranoia inducing like that. Flipora is available in the Google Playstore as well as the Apple Store. Previous mobile phone application developers tend to invent sort of an "invite only" vibe when they create an app that is solely for iPhone users and not Android users or vice versa. Application stores that are frequently left out are Blackberry. 

One way to tell whether a mobile phone application is going to receive huge support from people and other potential users is showing the presence of investors and that is something Flipora is not lacking. Some financial brokers invested wholly in Flipora's growth are Gokul Rajaram, creator of Google Adsense, Barney Pell, Founder and CEO of Powerset, Munjal Shah. Flipora's algorithm and design are just the tip of the iceberg for present search engines and those to come. It will totally renovate how we search the web, how we discover content and create whole new windows into markets that were shut if this monitoring web activity feature wasn't available. 

It's hard to imagine that Flipora is actually the beginning of AI or Artificial Intelligence. If any sci-fi movie is worth it's salt, then this might be terrifying for users. There is no need to fear though! AI in mobile phone applications can increase our knowledge of technology and further increase our potential for mobile phone apps yet to be created. The future of customer service or information search is all catered to personal experience. Customers, or subscribers, have shown time and time again that personal experience involvement and creation are what keeps them a recurring customer for life or for however long they have the service. 

Flipora takes it even further by including social media outlets, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and as said before, this will only increase the personal experience component so dear to customer's hearts. There are smaller mobile phone apps and communities that have Flipora's intent, unfortunately they are on a much smaller scale, i.e. Pinterest. While the creators and funders of Flipora want to take it to the next level and expand on a global scale. Reaching so far as into the CD, cassette, and video tape department. Computers may be the present tool for searching at the moment, however it's easy to forget their predecessors who paved the way. Find more about Flipora on their Twitter page.