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We've all seen "Orange is the New Black", Hollywood's version of what prison is like and how inmates are treated. The unethical treatment of inmates by correction officers is something that needs to be monitored. Securus is a company that does just that. It monitors the company that monitors in the inmates. That company is Global Tel Link. While they are not corrections officers company, they do play a large part in the inmates lives. They are their communications provider. Securus found that in 1998 Global Tel Link was adding time to the calls, over charging the calls and even double charging the calls. While I was under the impression that it was the inmates or their families responsibility to pay for the calls, the article goes on to state that it was taxpayers who had to pay for these calls. Whether Global Tel Link realized they were overcharging or whether it was a glitch in their technology, the article does not say. Either way, the fact that it was first brought to their attention in 1998 and still continues to this day, means that Global Tel Link may not be all to concerned with their wrongdoings.

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