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  Michael Zomber is a historian who loves to write both fictional and non-fictional works of famous battles and wars, and also is a collector of different weapons from medieval periods to modern times. Despite his interest in weapons, Zomber is active in non-profit global peace organizations and is a member of Doctors Without Borders. Zomber has both a bachelor's and a master's degree in English Literature from UCLA, and he has traveled the world to dig up the mysteries of old civilizations. He was featured on History Channel's Tales Of The Gun series, a 34-episode that chronicles the history of pistols, rifles and machine guns.

Zomber's work has not only been shaped by his travels and studies, but also through personal experiences that while hard, have inspired him to write even more and inspire others. Back a number of years ago, he was wrongfully accused of a crime he didn't commit and sentenced to prison, a difficult time he had to get through for two years. But he never lost heart and while he was there, he worked in the library and took other inmates under his wing to help them get further education and be productive during their sentence, a role similar to that of Andy Dufresne, the character of the Shawshank Redemption film.

Zomber's most famous novel penned during that time was Shogun Iemitsu, a fictional book following the lives of 2 young samurai warriors who had to fight to protect their own honor at a time when the justice system in Japan was working against them. The samurai period is one of Zomber's biggest interests as he's collected multiple weapons belonging from that era, and has written books about the conflict between Christianity and the religion of the samurai. Zomber has also written books about the Civil War such as Son of Kentucky and Sweet Betsy That’s Me. His independent film company has produced action films like La Cucaracha, and documentaries like Deep Sea Diving.