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Jason Hope: Making a Difference in Business & PhilanthropyJason Hope of ArizonaBorn and raised in Tempe, Arizona, Jason Hope studied and achieved a degree at Arizona State University in finance. He also earned a MBA degree at Arizona State University in the W.P. Carey School of Business. After completing his studies, he quickly built a repertoire internationally in business success. He is now a well known expert relative to all business matters. He is also sought out by many as an advisor, and he is a futurist, investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He remains faithful to his home state, thus residing in Scottsdale, Arizona. This is where he stay on track with his many businesses and projects.


His Philanthropic Interests


Hope spends valuable time and money for various philanthropic causes. He supports scientific research which thrives on innovative technologies. He also has a committed interest in politics when it comes to business within the state of Arizona and nationally.


He also invests in research that fights against aging. He recently attended an event for main issues of SENS that provided a platform consisting of key players and experts attending panels for topics, such as molecular and cellular damage as the cause of aging diseases, advancing regenerative therapies in Parkinson's disease and cancer, discussion on preventative and combination of strategies, and building an industry of rejuvenation biotechnology. SENS stands for Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence. This is a nonprofit organization built on the support of scientists, researchers, and private individuals.


Jason Hope is one of SENS's biggest contributors who made several donations of significant amounts. He also been actively participating in their research efforts. He donated $500,000 to this foundation in 2010k for example. This gift made it possible for the organization to equip and build their Cambridge laboratory and to implement a new research program that aims in breaking down advanced Glycation end products that involve human tissue.


Jason Hope says he is really passionate about supporting this agency and its goals because foundations like them take a different approach in fighting against aging. He also stated that this agency focused on finding cures for diseases that breaks the body down, thus causing premature aging. Lung disease and Alzheimer's, for example, are diseases that affect all bodily functions. He further stated that traditional medicine seeks to treat diseases after they occur, but their focus is to stop these diseases from ever occurring.