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Haidar Barbouti is both a top real estate developer and investor. His successful career in Houston is an inspiration to developers in the State of Texas. Since 1986, Barbouti has become involved in many real estate and developing projects. The projects have all involved shopping centers, commercial properties, and office office buildings. The Highland Village shopping center has been Barbouti's most successful project. This upscale shopping center has been on the rise since 1991 when Barbouti purchased the property.

The Highland Village shopping center has been developed since the 1940s. The original property of the owner was S.N. Adams. The name of the property came from the owner's native homeland, Scotland. Adams was also responsible for establishing the well known Oak Estates as well as the Highland Village subdivisions that all border the shopping center. The original property was sold in the 1960s to developers. By 1991, the property was purchased by Barbouti. Barbouti has transformed the shopping center from a low income estate to one of the most sought after estates in the state of Texas. 

The accomplishments of Haidar Barbouti are immeasurable. For starters, the Highland Village shopping center was the first place to house Starbucks in 1994. Since then, the shopping center has grown even further. In present day Barbouti's property houses some of the biggest brands such as Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, as well as Willams-Sinoma. 

The upscale shopping center has grown even more to include dining establishments such as the New York steakhouse, Smith & Wollenesky, P.F. Chang's China Bistro, as well as the Tex Mex favorite, Escalante's. 

Barbouti's interest in the Highland Village property was sparked by its architectural history. Architecture, Stephen Fox, commends Barbouti's work when he states that the Crate & Barrel building at Highland Village is the city's "most ambitious work of retail architecture of the 2000s." The shopping center is only being improved by the new granite sidewalks that are to be constructed throughout the shopping center. 

The huge construction projects implemented, made parking an issue which is why Haidar Barbouti constructed a new parking garage. There is now a four story parking garage behind P.F. Chang's restaurant. There has also been valet parking installed in various parking stations. 

Haidar Barbouti, for almost 30 years has been involved in many successful projects. He has built an empire also known at the Highland Village that within 20 years has become one of the most popular places to visit in Houston, Texas. Find more on Haidar Barbouti on his Youtube channel.